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We are an IT service provider for small and medium sized businesses. We specialize in software development, system integration, remote and onsite IT management, OpenVPN, Mutli-Gateway solutions, Microservices, APIs integration/design and system customization.

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Innovative IT Services

Pen testing remote and internal, Vulnerability assessment, PCI compliance, Security patching
IT SERvice onsite & Remote
Onsite Network installation, Wifi setup, customized Firewall,Remote network management and monitoring, software security updates and patches, OpenVPN and SSH access.
WIFI Business, industrial installation & deployments
Turnkey solution for complex Wifi deployment at hotels, businesses and warehouses. Mesh and cabled network design and implementation with remote monitoring.
XlogistX Mutli-Gateway is a customizable on-premise hardware that act as router, gateway, firewall, hospitality guest gateway, VPN server, proxy...
Custom software development
API integration and customization, Equipment and service management using of the shelf or custom software development.
Virtualization & Microservices
Integration with public, private and hybrid cloud solutions to provide businesses with redundancy, security and resilience over the internet.
Private to public cloud conversion.

XlogistX Multi-Gateway(MGW) is a cloud connected on premise hardware that acts as a router, gateway, firewall, VPN server, DHCP server, DNS server, Wifi captive portal, proxy and custom IOT device controller. MGW is currently used by small to midsize businesses such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and business offices. It connects seamlessly and securely users to the internet or to the LAN  resources based on their ACL privileges. Business owners, employees and customers access resource securely and safely.

MGW-128, Specs

  • Up to 128 simultaneous users/devices
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • 1 Gigabytes rams
  • Dual 1 gigabits Ethernet ports (1 wan, 1 lan)
  • USB-C/Micro power 5V, 2 amps
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MGW-256, Specs

  • Up to 256 simultaneous users/devices
  • 6 Cores CPU
  • 4 Gigabytes rams
  • Dual 1 gigabits Ethernet ports (1 wan, 1 lan)
  • USB-C power 5V, 3 amps
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